Michael Schumacher is one of the greatest Formula One drivers to have ever featured in motorsport, winning almost everything that is there to be won. He claimed the world title seven times in his illustrious career. 

His world came crumbling down as the F1 legend was involved in a life-threatening skiing accident in December 2013.

The incident took place when the German was enjoying a lovely time with his family in the French Alps. He was in coma for six months, and some felt Schumacher would not even survive the brain injury.

However, Schumacher fought against all odds though he is yet to make full recovery from the horrific incident, which rocked the world of motorsport. He is said to have undergone a major life-saving surgery as well.

Ever since, there has been very scarce information about Schumacher and his health issues. People close to him and his family have also kept things under wraps. Very few know about the official health status about Schumacher, but his fans were given a ray of hope as his agent Sabine Kehm came up with a statement.

Michael Schumacher
File photo of Michael Schumacher.Reuters

"During all his active years Michael kept most of his cars and many overalls and helmets. At the back of our minds we had always planned to make them available to the public," Kehm said.

It did not have anything related to the health update, but Kehm revealed key information about the Michael Schumacher Museum. Fans have been trying to use one word in the statement 'we', as a guide to understand his health.

Does the word 'we' mean he has been involved in the planning of the museum? If yes, his condition has come a long way.