When f(x) members, Amber, Krystal and Victoria gave a recent radio interview, they said much in the way of interest to their fans. Krystal Jung, who attended the "2 o'clock Cultwo Show," with her fellow band mates, spoke with DJs Kim Tae Gyoon and Jung Chan Woo and started to reveal which man would be her ideal type.

It was, however, at this point that one of them interjected and stated that a lot of men, including actor Kim Woo Bin, find her to be their ideal woman.

If you're wondering how Krystal responded, it was with a blush. 

In fact, even the DJs noticed Krystal's candid reaction. DJ Jung Chan Woo said, "Your face is turning red as you speak," reported Soompi.

However, Jessica Jung's sister said she blushed because she remembered one of his famous lines from the Kdrama, "Heirs."

Krystal said, "I haven't talked to him [Kim Woo Bin] privately outside of filming [Heirs]. Kim Woo Bin has a famous line in that drama that goes, 'Because you're pretty,' and he did tease me with that line from time to time."

While promoting "Heirs,"  the "Great Legacy" actor once said Krystal is his favourite among all f(x) members. He added, "Out of all the actresses, Krystal is closest to my ideal type," reported Kdramastars.

If DJs at the radio show heckled her, this certainly wouldn't be the first time. The Hallyu star was rumoured to be dating BIGBANG member, T.O.P in April 2015.