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The girl's age was revealed upon verification initiated by a Chandigarh court.

With an increase in inhuman and heinous rape cases in the country, another incident surfaced in Haryana. A 10-year-old was kidnapped from her house in Haryana's Hodal near Palwal, raped and murdered brutally. 

The minor's mutilated body and gouged eyes were found in the field by a group of women as they spotted the decomposing body. 

According to eyewitnesses, the minor's clothes were soaked in blood, face smashed with a heavy object and she had injuries all over her body.

The parents of the child decided to lodge a complaint after the child went missing on Monday afternoon when she stepped out to play. According to reports, they were turned away from the police station the first time. 

According to TOI reports, one of the family members said that the minor had a speech impairment like her mother. She could not raise her voice or call for help while she was being kidnapped. 

Police refused to lodge a complaint: Minor's family members

After the child wasn't found the mother reached out to the neighbours and they decided to lodge a complaint at the police station but allegedly they were turned away and were asked to look for the girl in the locality. 

The body was found by the women of the village, the deceased's body was taken to the police station and people of the village staged a protest outside for action against the police who refused to lodge the complaint. 

The body has been sent for autopsy. Also, an inquiry is initiated to find out about the policeman who did not lodge the complaint. The police said, the CCTV footage is being scanned to identify the suspected killer.