Coronavirus has raised some huge concerns for India. With the ongoing public health crisis, now is not the ideal time for other health concerns and hazards. The lockdown which was put in place to protect the population may have led to new problems nobody could have foreseen. 

Eye injuries have shot up, particularly amongst children in different parts of the country. The reason? Doctors blame Mahabharata and Ramayana returns for it. Mostly because the injuries are bow and arrow-related. 

1987 Ramayan

Mahabharat and Ramayana are the cause of eye injuries among children

Ramayan has clearly become a show with one of the highest viewership, even after so many years have gone by, it still excites audiences. Even Mahabharat is another saga that will continue to enthral Indian audiences. The two shows were aired as the lockdown was announced. Since no content could be produced and shooting was put on hold, TV channels pulled out old classics to replay and enjoy. It worked like a charm. They couldn't have possibly imagined any negative outcomes from doing that.

Well, eye injuries have shot up, as 12 children in Hyderabad were found reporting eye injuries. None of these had any remote link to Coronavirus. With 25 such injuries over the course of the lockdown, doctors have raised concerns. Thanks to the reruns, kids are being inspired to fashion bows and arrows out of broomsticks. However, shooting an arrow requires skill and when an arrow hits the "bullseye" rather a kid's eye, parents have been bringing their kids in. 


Doctors at the hospital in Hyderabad added that such injuries had seen drastic rise two decades ago when the shows were originally telecast. After the shows stopped airing gradually the number of injuries also fell, but the rising number of cases has become a cause of concern. Moreover, one of the kids has lost their vision despite surgery. At the core of it, it's not all fun and games.