UFO boy
Japanese boy Haruya Ido is found to have telepathy to communicate with UFO or alien crafts (Youtube)Youtube

After the Russian boy who claimed to have born on Mars in his previous birth, another teenager has emerged as the new sensation among UFO buffs and alien enthusiasts. Haruya Ido, the teenage Japanese boy is now rechristened as the 'UFO boy' in the country as people are literally mesmerized by his psychic abilities.

It was the popular UFO researcher Toshitaro Yamaguchi who initially identified the mettle of Ido. In a recent talk with the Japanese media, Toshitaro Yamaguchi revealed that Ido has that extra-sensory skills to communicate with UFOs via telepathy. As per Yamaguchi, Ido can clearly access the course of UFOs and he can also take photographs of these alleged alien crafts.

To substantiate his claims, Yamaguchi also released four images of UFOs which are apparently taken by Ido from various locations in Japan over the last one year. In all the four images, we can see bizarre objects hovering across the skies of Japan.

The veteran UFO researcher also added that Ido has the peculiar ability to do Shamanism, a practice that involves the practitioner exploring the subconscious mind and interact with the spiritual world. Experts say that a person who practices Shamanism can easily transcend energies from the spiritual world to our material world.

In Japan, Shamanism is part of the indigenous Ainu religion and Japanese religion of Shinto.

As Yamaguchi's claims went viral, conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'UFOmania' uploaded a video about Ido. The video soon went viral, and it has already racked up more than 4,100 views on YouTube.

After watching the video, viewers started speculating various explanations to define the extrasensory abilities of Ido.

A YouTube user named 'Sonicbios' claimed that Ido might be an alien hybrid, and his peculiar genetic traits might be helping him to communicate with unidentified flying objects.

"He is communicating with demons manifesting as fake aliens, that's all it is," commented 'End of Times Preparation', another YouTube user.