Internet Overuse
Experts Warn against Internet Overuse; Google Generation Susceptible to Brain DeathReuters

Many people, particularly the youth, who depend on Google searches and the internet for everything, are at risk of becoming brain dead, said Britain's leading inventor Trevor Baylis.

Baylis, who is best known for his wind-up radio invention, expressed his anxiousness over the Google generation saying that young people are losing their creativity and practical experience as they rely more on the internet.

"Children have got to be taught hands-on, and not to become mobile phone or computer dependent. They should use computers as and when, but there are so many people playing with their computers nowadays that spend all their time sitting there with a stomach," said Baylis, according to Daily Mail.

Many of Baylis inventions were aimed to help differently-abled people. The expert also expressed his concern over the young generations' inability to contribute anything of their own.

"They are dependent on Google searches. A lot of kids will become fairly brain-dead if they become so dependent on the internet, because they will not be able to do things the old-fashioned way," he added.

The report further quoted him saying that creativity of children could be brought back to the system by using construction models like Meccano.

"With Meccano you could do your own reproduction of, say, the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you brought Meccano back into primary or secondary schools then you'd have class one against class two - you've got four hours to make the Sydney Harbour Bridge and we'll see which one is the strongest," he said.