If you have always dreamt of being that pesky photographer who is always on the move to catch celebrities when they are least expecting it, know that your wildest dreams are soon to come true, provided you are proud owner of the Sony PlayStation 4.

As reported, Pringo Dingo Games' first ever release for the PlayStation 4, called Paparazzi, is all set for a February release. The game is a local PS4 game made exclusively for the console and will be made downloadable for a mere $5.

Paparazzi, basically, according to the official PlayStation blog, "is a two-player local multiplayer game where one person plays as the celebrity, and the other plays as their enemy, the paparazzi. It's a frantic game of cat-and-mouse with a humorous twist!"

The game sees the celebrity player trying to earn dignity by attracting fans and avoiding the photographer's inquisitive camera lens, while the paparazzo attempts to earn money by spotting the celebrity in a variety of scenarios and snapping his or her picture. Well, nothing as distant as you may think, considering you keep an eye on all the things happening in the entertainment industry.

The objectives, as you may see, are quiet clear and concise without much distortion. And as it stands, the more photos the paparazzi takes of the celebrity, the more money they get and the less dignity the celebrity has. To gain back the lost dignity, the celebrity must then collect adoring fans and avoid the camera shots of the paparazzi. Hilarious!

Paparazzi initially started as a game jam project under the Matthew McConaughey-approved quote, "Cameras aren't guns. They can't really hurt you."

This is also the first game from three-person development team Pringo Dingo. "We are incredibly excited about how far we've brought the game since that jam," designer and artist Mike Longley writes on the PlayStation Blog.