Even though "The Expendables 3" failed to create the charm of previous two movies of "The Expendables" franchise, it seems that Sylvester Stallone is determined to put another sequel into action.

The first two "The Expendables" movies did well at the box office and the fans of action genre welcomed the idea of assembling all old-but-gold action stars from previous decades in one movie. Besides Sylvester Stallone, other legendary actors who joined the cast were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Jason Statham, Mel Gibson and Jet Li.

Though the first two movies were commercially successful and received praise from some of the critics, the third one was a commercial disappointment and was criticised for the plot, dialogues and lack of humour.

Variety has reported that the sequel will begin filming next year with an unrevealed 2017 date. Since all "The Expendables" movies have been released in summer, the fourth movie will also likely be released in summer.

The sequel will be produced by Millennium Movies and Nu Image in partnership with SSXH and Max Screen Beijing with a budget of $100 million. A director for the movie is yet to be confirmed.

In a report by Slash Film, Stallone accepted that mistakes were made in the third movie as he tried to make it a PG-13 movie that ultimately ruined the series' appeal.

"I believe it was a horrible miscalculation on everyone's part in trying to reach a wider audience, but in doing such, diminish the violence that the audience expects. I am quite certain that won't happen again," he said.

Stallone also mentioned that maybe another mistake was lowering down the serious tone with each following movie. Due to it, the third one turned into more like a cartoon than an action movie.

Talking about changing it, he said, "I have actually entertained the idea of putting the group into such an unnatural environment that it creates extra suspense and tension. That environment might not be time travel, but nearly just as jarring."

Besides the original cast, Hulk Hogan is also in talks to make an appearance in the next sequel. Screen Rant reported that the WWE star may be cast in a villain's role.

"Was talking on the phone with Stallone about doing 'The Expendables 4.' We are trying to figure out a way to maybe turn me into the most evil man in the world," Hogan said.

It seems Stallone has it all figured out how not to repeat the mistakes made in "The Expendables 3" with the next sequel. Hopefully, this time, it should work.