Oh Sehun, a member of South Korean-Chinese boyband EXO, turned 20 on Saturday and fans have taken to their Twitter accounts to wish the Kpop star a happy birthday, resulting in the creation of "#HappySehunDay" and "#PrinceSehunDay" hashtags.

EXO celebrated Sehun’s birthday during a concert in Japan, and the singer is said to have burst into tears while his fans sang “Happy Birthday.” Band members Chen and Baekhyun presented the singer with a cake.

“I don't know what to say, I'm very happy now, celebrating birthday with so much people. Really happy. Thank you everyone!” a touched Sehun reportedly said.

Check out some of the birthday wishes below:

Sehun was born on April 12, 1994 in Seoul and became a part of the popular boyband EXO in 2012. EXO is a 12-member band and they are divided into two groups – EXO-K and EXO-M. While one group releases their music in South Korea, the latter does the same in China.

Although nothing much is known about the singer, and details about Sehun in the western media is sparse, Facebook is a treasure trove of interesting facts about the Korean singer.

Reportedly, Sehun was first spotted by a casting agent at the age of 12, when he was getting back from school one day. He signed up with S.M. Entertainment two years later.

Like Miley Cyrus, this singer too has a habit of sticking out his tongue, and is said to be a softie at heart because he is believed to have cried after watching "Unstoppable High Kick", a popular South Korean sitcom.

A Facebook fan page stated that Sehun likes to describes himself as a "White Puppy", as he believes fans call him this because of his pale skin. Although he has a no-nonsense demeanor, his other bandmates once revealed that he loves playing pranks on others.