The Exorcist
Pictured: The poster for Season 1 of The Exorcist.Facebook/The Exorcist

Episode 6 of exorcism drama The Exorcist revealed more about the Friars of Ascension and the group's plan for Father Tomas.

Towards the end of the episode titled Star of the Morning, the devil worshippers were seen sitting around a table asking Him to use their body as home. It also looks like they want Tomas to join their cult, and the next episode will see Father Bennett landing into trouble after he tries to find out more about the Tattersal corporation.

Episode 7 is titled Father of Lies and it will see a friction developing between the Rances following Casey's kidnapping. Elsewhere, Father Tomas will find himself getting caught up in a web of lies now that Casey's possession has become public knowledge, and Marcus will enlist Mother Bernadette's help to solve a problem.

The Exorcist has just a few more episodes to go before its first season ends, and showrunner Jeremy Slater has already charted out his plans for Season 2. Talking to Variety, he said the second instalment will see Marcus and Tomas playing crucial roles in taking the story forward.

"The goal is not to tell an anthology story, because I don't think this is 'American Horror Story,'" he told the publication. "The characters who survive this first season and still have story left to tell, you will absolutely see them again going into Season 2. I think our two priests, Marcus and Tomas, are probably going to be the spine of the show going forward. But the idea is to aggressively tell a new story every single season."

The Exorcist airs Fridays on Fox.