It's All Hallow's Eve and what best way to celebrate than by watching an exorcism live? Stay in the comforts of your – hopefully – non-haunted house, and watch a bunch of paranormal investigators cleanse a house that is potentially infested with demonic spirits and supernatural beings.

At 9.00 pm (EST) on Friday, 30 October, a clergyman, a psychic and the team from Destination America's "Ghost Asylum" will enter the creepy St. Louis home, which reportedly is the inspiration for the book and movie "The Exorcist". The house, they insist, is the hot-spot for sinister supernatural activity, and by the end of their exorcism, the hunters hope to cleanse the whole property.

As described in William Blatty's "The Exorcist", it is the house in which a Catholic priest freed teenage Roland Doe of all the demons possessing his body. Ever since Doe's exorcism, rumours have been abuzz about the continuing evil activities in the house.

"It's waiting there to attack somebody else who is going to come in and let themselves open themselves up, so it can attach itself to that individual in our reality," Washington Post quoted Nick Groff, the former star of Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures" as saying.

If you are strong enough to handle it, do not forget to log on to Destination America's website to watch "Exorcism Live" to literally watch this exorcism, live.