Even as EXO's music and dancing skills have impressed thousands of people across the world, the K-Pop stars cannot compete with the adorable minions.

In a viral YouTube video, initially posted by someone residing in China, the yellow guys are not only seen rocking the K-Pop number, but also perfectly lip-syncing with the song. The song has been evidently altered to mimic the inimitable voices of the minions.

In the video, scenes from both "Despicable Me" 1 and 2 have been used along with parts from the recently-released prequel, "Minions". Although it is not easy to track the initial uploader because the video has been reposted many times, it seems to have originated from a Chinese EXO fan site.

Some EXO fans had some really cute things to say about the Chinese fan's attempt:

VIP 2NEXO: "SO CUTE LOL Exo needs to see this~! This fandom lmao"

Maulina Nana: So cute... EXO minions

Katarina Stepanovic: lol this is a pure gold!

Timberlee Manuel: Oml yas our fandom is amazing

Here is the original EXO version of "Growl":

And here, is the minion version of the song:

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