The young Korean heartthrob and EXO member Sehun recently revealed his new hair colour on stage and it immediately captured the attention of many of his fans.

Some of his followers took a few pictures of the singer's new look and uploaded it on micro blogging site Instiz under the title "Fans are going crazy after Sehun's first stage in his new ash grey hair".

The photos of the Kpop star in his ash grey hair went viral on the social media platform and received more than 90,000 views in 10 hours, according to Koreaboo.

In the meantime, EXO member Kai was busy with his baby lookalike Teo, the son of actor Ricky Kim. Although many of his fans called the toddler Kai's mini-me, this was their first meeting and they spent quality time with each other.

Kim shared a photo of the two on Instagram and wrote, "I think Teo had a great time...with...his new best friend Kai". The actor shared another picture of his son with the Kpop star on Twitter under the title "Had such a great time...thanks for coming by Kai&Teo".

Both the images went viral on social networking sites. While the Instagram post received more than 33,000 likes, the second photo was retweeted by around 23,300 users and favourited by 9,539 followers.

Considering the increasing demand from fans of Kai to see him with Teo, SBS has decided to feature the two in an upcoming episode of "Oh My Baby", according to Soompi.

Another EXO member to capture the attention of social media users is Lay. He gained more than three million Instagram followers in four months time.

Meanwhile, the boy band members won the Musician of the Year award at the Korean Broadcasting Awards 2015, which was held in Sangam-dong of the Mapo-gu district in Seoul, South Korea. After receiving the award, the team leader Suho thanked their fans for their love and support.

"We are sincerely so thankful to the 'Korea Broadcasting Prizes' for this huge award. Lee Soo Man teacher, SM Family, our manager hyungs and staff, our parents, our EXO members, and our EXO-L fans who we love, we sincerely thank you. And Korean broadcasting, specifically music show broadcasts, the PDs who work hard from dawn, writers and camera directors, and the staff, we want to share this prize with you all. Thank you. We will always be the hard-working K-pop stars EXO. Thank you!" AllKpop quoted him as saying.