SM Entertainment's popular Chinese-South Korean boy band EXO has set a new record as its popular song "Call Me Baby" has been viewed more than 50 million times on YouTube.

The title track from the music group's second album, "EXODUS", was released on 30 March and within four-and-a-half months, it achieved the record-breaking figure on the video-sharing website.

The video of the song features former member Tao dancing to the tune along with Suho, Xiumin, DO, Baekhyun, Sehun, Chanyeol, Kai, Chen and Lay. The K-pop stars flaunt their dancing skills by introducing new steps. 

"Call Me Baby" consists of strong and addictive melody with witty lyrics. It has received positive remarks from the fans.

"EXODUS", with 10 songs of 20 versions, was released in both Chinese and Korean editions. Other songs in the album are "Transformer", "What If", "Playboy", "My Answer", "El Dorado", "EXODUS", "Hurt", "Beautiful" and "Lady Luck".

Meanwhile, the fans are assuming that EXO will release their third album in the near future. A social media user compiled all the pictures of the boy band members showing the same gesture and uploaded it on micro-blogging site Instiz.

The images have been uploaded under the title, "Recent hand gestures of EXO members and what it may mean", according to Koreaboo.

However, the followers of the music group will have to wait for an official announcement from SM Entertainment for further clarification about the recent buzz.

Watch the title track of "EXODUS" below: