SM Entertainment's boy band EXO bagged four awards at Asia Artists Awards 2016.Facebook/EXO

The young Korean heartthrobs and members of popular South Korean-Chinese boy band, EXO, recently hit headlines after several Gif images of them started doing the rounds on online platforms.

The Gifs, reportedly uploaded by their fans, feature Park Chanyeol, Byun Baek-hyun and Do Kyung-soo playing with a mysterious yellow object during their live performance on stage. While Baekhyun is seen twirling the stretchable object around him, it also shows DO and Chanyeol converting it into a jumping rope.

Watch the viral Gif images of young Korean artistes here.

The viral Gif images of the boy band members immediately captured the attention of many EXO fans who thanked the Internet user for posting them and giving them a chance to enjoy watching their favourite music idols having fun on stage.

Here are a few messages from the followers of EXO (via Koreaboo):

Just look at this two,,hilarious as alwyass,,they're so funny

I laughed so hard yesterday lol. I was following them in the pit the whole time because they keep playing with it and then after that Baekhyun played with it too

D.o and chanyeol playing this i really like to you all exo.exo whaiting

Next time exol know what to bring to exos concert

Meanwhile, the mysterious yellow object is assumed to be a stretchable caterpillar toy, which was apparently thrown on stage by an audience member at the concert. 

However, this is not the first time the boy band members are facing such situation. Last year, Kai and Chanyeol were seriously hurt by various objects thrown on stage by the concert attendees.

The nine-member group just concluded their Exo Planet #3 – The Exo'rdium concert tour in Thailand, where they treated fans with a stunning performance in collaboration with the popular South Korean comedian, Yoo Jae Suk.

The EXO members are currently heading to Japan for their concert tour in Hiroshima and other parts of the country. The event will begin in Hiroshima Green Arena on Sept. 13.