EXO member Xiumin will make a guest appearance on Disney Channel's popular show "Mickey Mouse Club" this Friday, 20 August, at 8pm KST.

In the Korean edition of variety program, the K-Pop star spoke about his successful career with the audience. During the interactive section, he surprised his viewers by sharing an extravagant dream of his mother.

When the show host Heo Joon asked him what his mother dreamt while she was pregnant, Xiumin said, "It's a large-scale dream, so I'm a bit embarrassed to say it. There were five or six tigers that raced up Baekdu Mountain, and one of them put a Korean flag on the summit".

Everyone around was surprised to hear his reply as in Korean culture a pregnant woman's dream is believed to be an indication of her child's future.

However, Heo Joon humorously stated that the dream of Xiumin's mother might have inspired the EXO members to make their popular song "Growl".

"While the tigers were running up, they were probably growling. The song that was born at the time was 'Growl.' Your mother was the one that made the song," Soompi quoted the show host as saying. 

Fans of Xiumin can set their clocks to watch his guest appearance on "Mickey Mouse Club", which will be live streamed here.