After months of silence, EXO member Tao has opened up about the conflict he had with popular South Korean record label SM Entertainment and the reason for opening a solo studio in China.

While promoting his first digital album, which has three songs -- "Yesterday", "TAO" and "One Heart" -- through various media outlets, the K-Pop star talked about the various challenges faced by him during his training session at the entertainment agency.

"I have been alone for the past four years; I had to deal with every single thing by myself. There was no one who helped me," said the celeb.

The 22-year-old singer tried to hold back his tears when he revealed that he was missing his family members, according to Soompi.

However, the K-Pop star was criticised by Netizens for his latest revelations. The messages ranged from, "You were trying to gain that much without suffering at all?? It isn't only you but everyone who succeeded and people who want to succeed also go through the same thing~~ Yes your were an international member so you must have been lonely but you chose this route on your own", to "He is completely psycho hahahahahahahahaha."

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment claimed that Tao used the sound track of the agency as the background music for his latest project, which forced them to remove the clip from YouTube, stated Koreaboo.

Toa reportedly left EXO last April to pursue a solo career and headed to the US to train in choreography.