It has been alleged that EXO member Sehun is involved in a drunk driving incident.

An Instagram user, monikered as kelekekek, claims to be an eyewitness of the incident and has uploaded several photos and videos of it on social media as a proof for his accusations against the young K-Pop star.

The person stated that he and his friends were sole witnesses and only posted a portion of the incident as he is a great fan of the celeb. According to him, he just wants to bring the incident to the 21-year-old's notice "that this is not a laughing matter" and assured that he will be deleting it soon.

"Spreading false rumors? I uploaded this because it was the truth. Think what you want. I wanted him to know how wrong he was and regret. He will know the truth best. The reason I uploaded this late is because like I said before, I'm a fan and I was debating whether or not to upload this. I decided to because I thought it would be wrong for him to just sweep a situation like this under the rug," the person wrote on Instagram, according to Koreaboo.

Meanwhile, Netizens revealed that the evidences are too weak to believe. While a social media user wrote, "This isn't evidence. Sehun's voice nor his face is in the video", another stated, "All in all it's all just words and she doesn't even release the full scenario."

However, Sehun and his representatives are yet to respond to the allegations.