As the last Chinese member of South Korean record label SM Entertainment's popular boy band EXO, Lay opened up about his ex-teammates Kris, Luhan and Tao.

The 23-year-old singer revealed that he is happy to see them as successful and hopes the best for them, but not interested in following their footsteps.

"If they are happy, then I will give them my blessings. I hope that they will do well all the way. However, I will go my own path. I am very stern when it comes to what I demand of myself. I do all the things that I can do by continuously working very hard," he said during an interview with Chinese media outlet Sina (via Allkpop).

When asked if he is denying his Chinese fans' request to return, he said, "If I were to speak honestly, I don't think I understand the problem of going back or not going back. Am I not promoting in China right now? My members also say that they miss me when they're unable to see me. On top of that, I left when I was 17 years old and came back now, and I am still a Chinese person. My heart is always here."

So, it can be assumed that Lay will not terminate his contract with SM Entertainment and join former EXO member Kris, Luhan and Tao, who are currently busy with their individual activities in China.

Luhan is all set to launch his first solo digital album "Reloaded" on 14 September and has joined the Chinese version of popular reality show "Running Man" as a regular cast member.