Korean heartthrob and EXO member Kai has once again wooed his fans with his new look on the cover of Nylon magazine.

After driving fans crazy with a teaser image of the celeb, the Korean edition of the publication released the cover page of its September issue on Facebook.

The black and white photo shows the K-Pop star in a casual outfit, which is complemented by his messy hair. He is seen wearing a long-sleeve striped shirt and dotted trouser.

Earlier, the publication released a teaser image of the photoshoot with the celeb on various social networking sites. It shows him sitting on the floor, lounging on a director's chair wearing a striped top with a dark-colour trouser and formal shoes.

Fans of the Korean heartthrob can expect a video clip of the photoshoot, as the publication has promised to release it soon.

The September issue of Nylon magazine, which includes an exclusive interview with Kai, hit newsstands on 18 August. Last week, the publication had teased about the interview on Instagram. "Look forward to our interview with Nini as well, who has a great personality and upstanding thoughts," it wrote.