SM Entertainment managed-K-pop band, EXO, is due to deliver its encore concert in March. The latest news from the camp suggests that band member Kim Jong-in aka Kai has injured his ankle during a dance practice session, Allkpop reported. According to the report, Kai will still be part of the concert despite his injury.

"Kai will limit as much movement as possible in order to participate in the encore concert. In the case of energetic dance songs, performing normally will be difficult. After the concert is over, he will get some rest and plans to receive treatment," the outlet quoted an SM Entertainment representative as saying.

The "Growl" singer, who was diagnosed with a swollen ligament in his ankle joint posted a heartfelt apology on the band's official fan page EXO-L.

"I feel so helpless and sad that such a thing has happened. I'm very sorry to all my fans. I'll get well quickly so I get show you a better me for the rest of the year," the band member wrote.

The 22-year-old singer has gained sympathy from his fans due to the injury. Netizens expressed their support on Allkpop's website. One fan wrote, "Kai needs to rest... He and everyone else in EXO is working so hard with all their concerts and comebacks. Kai doesn't need to apologise for getting an injury and as EXO-Ls, we should support him."