EXO member Chanyeol has been criticised by Netizens after a photo of him showing an inappropriate hand gesture went viral on social media.

The image shows the young celeb holding his hands to his face with the thumb on his tongue and the little finger on the forehead, which has a negative meaning in Korea.

The gesture is mostly used by elementary and high school students to prove their innocence and earn the trust of their friends, but it directs to the characteristics of one's mother. The literal meaning of it is "if I'm wrong, my mother is a w****," according to Koreaboo.

However, the veracity of the photo is yet to be ascertained and Netizens are still debating on it. While some of them stated that it is a Photoshop creation, others criticised Chanyeol for insulting his parents.

Here are some of the comments by Netizens on the EXO member's viral photo:

It seem that Suho, Chen, and Kai are nice in my eyes but Sehun, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol are always causing trouble haha Other guys are quiet but only these guys are always involved in stuff.

You can't really say it is PhotoShop because the skin colour is the same with his chin facing up with his tongue out. Also, his shirt crumpling and wrinkled like that, you can't deny it. And the fact that his tongue actually comes out, you can't defend him. Stop denying and saying it is PhotoShop and comment on this properly and try to find the original. 

Meanwhile, the K-Pop star managed to impress many of his fans with his skills in Billiards through a new sneak peek video of upcoming reality show "18 Seconds", stated Soompi.

The programme revolves around eight celebrities, including Pyo Chang Won, Sistar member Soyu, Kim Jong Min, Josh, Lee Kyung Gyu, Kim Na Young and Bong Man Dae. It shows the participants competing with each other to impress the viewers by portraying their skills through an 18-second-long video.