Suho, EXO-K memberTwitter/ Screenshot

It looks like EXO's leading singer, Suho, has finally taken some inspiration from his band members and has opened his own personal Instagram Account.

Till date the account has just three pictures and all of them are date-stamped on 27 April. Fans of the K-pop singer took to his three posts to congratulate him and according to Kpopstarz they welcomed him to Instagram with 'encouraging comments'.

Though there are some speculations regarding the legitimacy of the account, die-hard fans of the EXO have been able to identify this account as Suho's. Also other official SM Entertainment accounts that follow the social media profiles of other Exo members seem to follow this Instagram profile of Suho.

Meanwhile, the band's followers have been loyally following this account (@suho_kj) and as of now the profile boasts of 1,90,000 followers and if the "Baby Don't Cry" singers confirms that this is his official Instagram account then D.O, Chen, Kai and Xiumin will be the only remaining band members who are yet to enter the world of the popular photo-sharing app.

exo Suho
Suho's new instagram profileInstagram/ Screenshot

And there seems to be enough reasons why the EXO members are afraid to venture into this social media app. Apparently both Lay and Xiumin have been victims of controversies regarding their personal Instagram profiles and had to ultimately either delete all of their posts or their entire accounts.

But on the flip side, EXO-K members, Sehun and Chaneyol, seems to be doing just fine. Earlier this week, on their trip to the Han River, the duo had decided to become playful and posted pictures of their hide-and-seek game captioned "Fail" and "Sehun let's do it again", which resulted in a quick increase in the number of followers on their profile.