EXO is arguably one of the most famous K-pop bands at the moment. The SM Entertainment managed boy group has a following not just in South Korea, but world over. It's not for nothing that their albums get sold out pretty quickly. However, there was a time when members of EXO struggled, especially when they were still young and unknown in the music scene.

During a V live broadcast on July 2 titled "EXO's Funniest Member, Suho's Left Brain Vs. Right Brain," EXO's leader Suho aka Kim Jun-myeon talked about the time when he and his band mates lived in a small apartment.

The "Lucky One" singer said he lived along with 15-16 people in a 900 square metre house, which was awfully cramped at all times.  

It was during this time that Suho really wanted to be alone and learnt to entertain himself. Finding a source of interest wasn't difficult to come by. The singer revealed that it was at this time that he started having fun all by himself.

Although the "Monster" singer didn't say what he did in order to keep himself happy and joyous, he did give away some tidbits of information regarding his band members. 

"The bathroom door was locked 24 hours a day. During those times, Baekhyun would play shooting games inside, so the room was occupied even more often," Soompi quoted him as saying.

The members of EXO seem to be revealing personal information in the midst of their  promotional activities for their latest album, "Ex'ACT." While Suho spoke about the cramped environs in which he spent his days, Baekhyun posted a photo of himself as a toddler. 

The band member, known for being goofy and playful captioned the picture: "I fooled around since I was young #Dumbo #TwistDance."