EXO is already immensely popular worldwide, especially in South Korea, China and the US -- where most people do not even understand the lyrics of their songs. Now, they are planning to take over Japan with a brand new TV series called "EXO Channel".

The band managed by SM Entertainment is taking a unique approach to promote their brand, by launching "EXO Channel", which will act as a mouthpiece for the group, providing their regular broadcasts. The weekly episodes of the show will be aired on every Saturday from 7 August, 2015, on Tokyo TV.

All K-Pop quotes Japanese news group Nikkan Sports as saying, "EXO will debut on Japanese TV. EXO will meet Japanese viewers in their first Japanese regular broadcast 'EXO Channel'."

This will reportedly be the first time that a TV series featuring foreign artists is being shown in Japan. Looking back at the success EXO enjoyed has so far, despite the groundbreaking promotional choices they make, we can rest assured they will make a mark in Japan too. Just take the crashing of "18 Seconds" homepage as a proof of EXO's popularity. 

The entire Internet community recently converged to make one member's simple request: "Everyone~Please look for the video I uploaded on the '18 Seconds' homepage," come true. 

"EXO Channel" is scheduled to premiere at 1.53 PM (JST) on Saturday, 7 August on Tokyo TV.