Upcoming FPS game, Call of Duty: Ghosts is inching closer to its release date and the game offers extensive multiplayer customizations.

Mark Rubin, executive producer of Infinity Ward explained the player customization options within the game, in an interview to Game Informer.

"With player customization, we felt we were missing this ability to tie you in as a player, as a person, to the character you were playing. I didn't even start with player customization so much as customization. There was a time when it was just gonna be weapon customization or new model customization. We specially felt like...with a lot of our fans...we have so many fans who aren't even gamers...some one's gotta come up with this, a new genre of 'person'?" he said.

He also explained what a gamer was to him and said that "a lot" of Call of Duty players do not play other games. "A gamer to me is someone who player video games, loves games, knows things about all kinds of games."

So the idea behind bringing player customization was to woo the casual player into playing more and this option will help them to grasp the title.

"Hardcore players, like really hardcore players, competitive players are there for the competitive hardcore nature of it. They have something they grasp on to. The casual players, like I said, they play the game, and we wanted an investment for them and character customization seemed to be one of those things which maybe those casual players would latch on to more."

He also said the option was conceived to draw girls to play the game as the customization will encompass all the genders and the races.

"When we went to do character customization, we didn't think 'Finally! We'll be able to get the girls in the game and they'll play!' It was 'Now we can make characters that represent us' and 'us' was multiple races, multiple genders...it wasn't a gimmicky thing of adding females. It was an inclusive thing. It was to make sure that we got all our fans, as much as possible, included into the process, into the characters," Rubin explained.

Rubin was also asked if Call of Duty: Ghosts has the nature of RPG and he explained that the game was about "creating an avatar"

"A lot of guys who started...a lot of guys who were on COD4 for instance were heavy MMO players too. And I remember we used to have this thing where we would always go and play the weirdest, craziest MMOs we could find. Whatever it was, whatever came out at the time...even some of the Korean ones. And then we'd go play it and be like 'Okay, you see that thing? The way they handled their inventory was interesting' and basically found ideas through studying MMOs a lot," he noted.

The FPS game will be out on Nov 5 for PC, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.