Former Bigg Boss contestant Sofia Hayat recently landed herself in trouble after she posted a controversial picture of hers on social media. In the picture, the self-proclaimed Goddess is seen posing nude in front of the sacred 'Om' symbol with her back facing the camera. The image created a ruckus on Twitter and also led to a Mumbai resident file a complaint at the Cyber Crime cell against Sofia for insulting and hurting religious sentiments.

In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, India, the former Bigg Boss contestant defended herself by saying that her mind doesn't think that nudity is wrong. She feels that she received such a backlash because she is an attractive woman.

Sofia Hayat lands in controversy
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Below are the excerpts from the interview with IBTimes India:

IBT India: What do you mean when you say you give your orgasm to 'Om'?

Sofia: I want to show everybody what 'Om' is under power of the Kundalini, the tantrik energy. When I say I get my orgasm to 'Om', the orgasm is the life force, it is the energy behind life. So, when I give my orgasm to 'Om', I'm giving back my life to 'Om'. 

IBT India: Did you expect backlash when you posed nude alongside a religious symbol?

Sofia: I didn't expect any backlash when i posed nude alongside the 'Om' symbol. I actually didn't think about it, because my mind doesn't think that nudity is wrong because I'm enlightened being. I'm free from that kind of thinking. I live at the present moment, so posing beside 'Om' is the most natural thing to do and frankly, I'm shocked at the reaction because in India you have the Kumbh Mela where you have sadhus dancing and running around naked and nobody has an issue with that. I think the backlash is because I'm an attractive woman. I think, the society always had an issue with beautiful,attractive, intelligent woman especially powerful women. So, this kind of backlash happen only when you do something powerful.

IBT India: There is a cyber complaint filed against you for hurting religious sentiments. Do you think you did the right thing?

Sofia: Of course, I did the right thing. In history, people have bowed down to enlightened beings. There isn't one enlightened being that hasn't stood up without backlash, without a fight. I haven't done anything wrong. I was merely expressing my own beauty with the beauty of 'Om'. Being naked is the most natural thing, it's the state of being yourself free. 

If they are offended by me being naked under the 'Om' sign, that's there offence. If you go to Indian temples, every single God is naked, you just look around the temple. The nasty comments come from nasty people. They don't work in favour of Hinduism because Hinduism is beautiful. Hinduism doesn't teach you to talk to a woman like that, especially devotees of Kali should understand that every woman is a Goddess. Yet, these people go against Hinduism, so they are terrorists, they are Hindu terrorists. And unfortunately, because this is a public platform, they are showing the world that Hindus are bad. So, they should be arrested and cyber police should arrest all of them because the world doesn't think what I did is wrong [sic]

IBT India: What is the nastiest comment you have received?

Sofia: That they will rape me and kill me.

IBT India: You have been personally explaining the logic behind your posts to many Instagram users. Any luck?

Sofia: I have lot of luck. A lot of people are saying that my posts are bringing them calm and peace and they believe I'm the cosmic mother, they believe I'm an enlightened being, they believe I'm a great reincarnation I'm the divine Sofia. Basically, my supporters are saying that the ones who are causing the trouble are uneducated, they can't see past their nose. The ones who are making the complaints are also the ones who are sending me treats and calling me disgusting names. That is not a Hindu.

Sofia Hayat's controversial post
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IBT India: You have left people confused by switching from chanting 'Om' to drinking wine in your posts. What do you have to say about it?

Sofia: I haven't tried alcohol for five years. It was when I went to Jeruselem that I started to drink wine and eat bread. Many people do understand that I'm an evolving soul and my incarnations are being lived. All my incarnations are living again and evolving. When I was a nun, that was my past life as Saint Sofia. When I talk about wine, I'm only drinking organic, clean wine with no chemicals and drinking it because Jesus drank wine and so did Mary. So, how can people become so confused when wine is something that is a part of spiritual stories. Yes, I don't get drunk and drink it as a celebration of the incredible life we live in. 

IBT India: One Bigg Boss contestant who you think would agree with your 'Om' posts the most.

Sofia: To be frank, I'm not in contact with anyone from Bigg Boss and I believe that's because of my enlightenment. I don't like to indulge in things that are eager-based. The industry is about impressing people, making the right smiles, looking exactly the way they want you to. Most of them don't really have an opinion of their own because their opinion is a mass opinion as they don't want to upset anyone and continue working in Bollywood. That's not freedom, it's a prison.

Sofia Hayat
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