Sofia Hayat and Sophia Abella
Sofia Hayat and Sophia AbellaPR Handout/Sophia Abella

Model-turned-nun Sofia Hayat and a transgender model Sophia Abella have come up with shocking allegations of cheating against film producer Chandrakant Singh.  

Six X actress Sofia Hayat alleged that Singh, who produced the movie, has not paid the cast and crew despite the shooting completed a year ago. Meanwhile, transgender model Sophia Abella, hailing from Philippines, alleged that she was pushed to the brink of committing suicide after the producer duped her of Rs 1 lakh.  

Speaking exclusively to International Business Times, India, Sofia Hayat said that she managed to get her payment for the film from Singh after a lot of begging and pleading. However, her co-actor Ashmit Patel and crew members of the movie are still unpaid for the work.

"So when I was shooting Six X, Chandrakant Singh didn't pay me my money for a long time. After lots of begging and pleading, I finally got it. To this day, he has not paid Ashmit Patel. I guess in the industry, people are afraid to complain fearing other directors or producers will not give them work.

"I was asked to come back to India and Chandrakant said he would pay my business flights and accommodation when he meets me. I booked hotel and flights and I was there for one month waiting for him. The total cost was over Rs 5 lakh. To this day, he has not paid me," Sofia told IB Times.

Chandrakant Singh
Chandrakant SinghChandrakant Singh Facebook

"He kept lying saying he is waiting for money from the (co) producers. He kept putting me off. He is clever that way, saying the money has got stuck in the bank. To this day, this cheating and lying director owes me over Rs 5 lakh. I guess that's why the movie Six X has not been released because of the bad energy attached to it. I also heard that cameramen were not paid. These cameramen have sent him emails and are begging for their money. They have worked from 4 in the morning to midnight every day with no pay for a full film. Chandrakant blocks them on social media. He is spending the production money on himself and leaving cameramen, lighting men working with no pay. How can anyone do that? These people have families to feed!," she added.

She further revealed that one transgender model named Sophia contacted her, and narrated her ordeal of how Chandrakant allegedly has been causing her harassment, and not giving back her money.

Sophia Abella and Chandrakant apparently knew each other for quite some time, and the latter allegedly took Rs 1 lakh from her in October 2017 for promotions of his film.

In a series of emails to Sofia, the Philippine model's mother alleged that Chandrakant owes some money to her, but he has been delaying the payment saying that it has got stuck in foreign transaction. Sophia recently lost all hope, and tried to kill herself, said her mother. She has sent a picture of her daughter being admitted to a hospital as well.

Sophia Abella in hospital

Earlier this month, Sophia had shared the entire incident on Facebook in a long post. You can read the post here.

IB Times India contacted Sophia and she said, "Chandrakant Singh has been proudly travelling around India, the US and Europe with the money he stole from others. I want him to be investigated for discrepancy. I try to stay away from such scenario but it is my duty to expose his wrongdoings and stop him from cheating others. I broke down out of depression and harassment. If I need to take my own life to expose this man, I would. I call upon other victims to speak up. ...It is worse than bullying, discrimination and sexual assault. I seek justice..." 

IB Times tried to contact Chandrakant, but his mobile number was unavailable.