After the stupendous success of Rejctx season 1 last year, the makers have unveiled the season 2 of the show. This season is bigger and grander than the previous one. Helmed by ace producer Goldie Behl this season promises to give you all the chills and thrills.

Producer Goldie Behl in the year 2018 decided to venture into OTT after his wife Sonali Bendre's recovery. Prior to this he has produced a lot of content in television and Bollywood and now looking the given situation he feels that OTT is the only space where there is scope for my content. Having said that he also believes that things will get back to normalcy.

producer goldie behl with his family

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times India, producer Goldie Behl spoke at length about what Rejctx 2 is offering. How his 14 years old son helped him with the teenager lingos and jargons, how is he unwinding his lockdown time with his family Sonali and his son?

Excerpts from the interview:

About Rejctx season 2

Rejctx is a peculiar genre, it has thrill crime, music, teenage issues all wrapped into one Season 1 was all about establishing the characters. No one has done a campus thriller that is set abroad it. While Season 2 moves into the darker side. The characters in the series have complexities. They aren't Indian kids they are global kids and that is the reason why it resonates with the young generation as they are very unapologetic.

goldie behl with his son

On his son helping him with jargons and lingos

He guided me and helped me a lot during the first season. He helped with the lingo and slangs. For instance, How sick! Oh my God! it's so sick in today's millennial lingo means you are great. He helped me with the NBA sneakers so I got approval for him for the clothes and sneakers. (smiles)

On why OTT platforms saw a spike in content and if theatres are dead!

At this time, new content coming in and it will continue for the time being, needless to say, there has been a spike in new content on the web because of the lockdown, but that doesn't mean theatres have died. Everything will get back to normalcy later.

If the next season of reject will focus on cybercrime and teenage issues

The way these young guns have referred to the woman and heir thought itself is very shameful. These kids who post nasty stuff online come from an elite background, their parents are also educated. It's more to blame the parenting than the children. Kids are like a lump of clay the way we mould them that's how they get moulded. Parents especially fathers should talk to their sons about sensitive issues. That creates a huge impact on the minds of the kids, I think fathers are more to be blamed. At a tender age or the start of teenage. Male and male attraction or female and female attraction happens while the usual tendency is finding the opposite sex attractive. But within certain limits, I think parents should have a one to one discussion. I don't know whether these issues will be higher or not in the next season time will tell.

On how he is beating the boredom during the Lockdown.

We have discovered Shakespeare. It's so heavy. We read aloud to each other .we have read hamlet out to each other. We also now discovering Manto ( English) translation. And that how we spend quality time with each other.

On what they are catching up on the web as a family

Sonali has a quest for no brainer action movies or documentary so its poles apart for her, the last we all saw together was Extraction and The last dance.

On cooking

I and Sonali aren't interested in cooking. But our Son is interested a lot he starts cooking and baking pieces of stuff so Sonali dabbles in it sometimes.