OnePlus users are familiar with the frequent updates to the phones, especially the OnePlus 7 Pro which received several improvements to the camera ever since the launch to finally reach the level it has. During our recent visit to OnePlus' camera lab in Taipei, we discovered the company's enhanced focus on improving the camera to level with giants like Google and Huawei.

We had a one-on-one interaction with Zake Zhang, product manager for OnePlus' imaging team, touching upon various topics with regards to the camera, emerging trends and the company's focus on new features. Through that interaction, it was clear that OnePlus is determined to bring improvements specifically to videos while working on other features like portrait and the rest.

Zhang revealed that OnePlus wants its users to get the best videos, an area that has been left out to dry without any major innovation. To that extent, OnePlus has started working with TikTok, the popular mobile platform where users share short-form videos.

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"We are trying to improve both the camera and video process. There's still a lot of space to improve and to do more creative stuff in videos. Currently, a lot of people are using third-party apps. The easiest way to improve video quality is to work with those third parties to make sure the video shot on those platforms, like TikTok, is the same quality as you shot with the system camera," Zhang told IBTimes India.

TikTok, like other third-party platforms which host video recording capabilities, uses an in-app camera to record videos or capture images. As a result, users are stuck with compromised quality, which is not same as the system camera. OnePlus has noticed this shortcoming and wants to improve the quality of the videos shot from TikTok's in-app camera to be same as the one shot from the system camera.

OnePlus is working with TikTok for better videosReuters

This will be seen as a step in the right direction and another USP for OnePlus smartphones. While it is unclear if OnePlus will extend similar partnerships to more apps, like Instagram and Facebook, but it seems like the direction OnePlus is headed if the TikTok partnership bears fruit.

Zhang declined to share more details on OnePlus - TikTok partnership, but we expect to learn more in the near future. We've also reached out to TikTok for a statement, but there was no response as of this writing. For now, watch out for one of the updates that will significantly improve the quality of your videos.