An Australian man now claims he might have spotted the missing Malaysia Airlnes MH370 flight sinking in the Indian Ocean, south of Bali, from a plane he was travelling on March 12, four days after the mysterious disappearance of the aircraft.

In an exclusive e-mail conversation with International Business Times (India), Antonio Bongiovanni, who is the owner of 'A Bongiovanni & Son Pty Ltd', a food store located in 176-178 Victoria St, Seddon, Melbourne, said that while travelling from Melbourne to Bali, he noticed what appeared like a "white shadow of a plane".

"During my travel from Melbourne to Bali on the 12th of March just flying low towards Denpasar (approx ½ hour out), I noticed a large white object under the water which appeared to me as a white shadow of a plane," Bongiovanni stressed.

"I could see a plane like shape including a wing etc," he added. "I had no time to inform anyone as we were traveling quite fast, but I quickly snapped a pic of the location on my iPhone".

See the picture below.

Snapshot of the location where Antonio Bongiovanni saw the possible plane (Photo: Antonio Bongiovanni)

Asked why he did not reveal this earlier, he said: "The reason why I have not mentioned it earlier is simply because every time I intended to email, there seemed to be another breakthrough to the whereabouts (of the plane). Eg. From the Maldives to the Indian Ocean.

"I have discussed this with some very close friends and family," the 34-year-old, father of two, said.

Antonio Bongiovanni (Facebook picture)