One look at the trailer of "M Cream" and you will know why it is unique and different from other movies made on the "stoner culture." In its own sense, the trailer gives an impression of a one-of-a-kind flick and reflects a very calmed sort of vibe. The Himalayan valleys, the characters, and the music; everything about the promo is captivating and compel you to crave for more.

Talking with International Business Times India, Agneya Singh, director of "M Cream," discussed about various aspects of his upcoming venture and how the film is a unique take on the contemporary rebellious youths of India.

International Business Times: The theme of "M Cream" is something we see very rarely in Indian films. What is the driving force behind it? Would you call it a personal story or an observational one?

Agneya Singh: The movie represents the "rebellious youths" of India belonging from the current generation. It isn't about any awareness or morals, but how the perspective of today's youth is towards the "stoner culture" in India. So, the plot consists of both personal storyline of the individual characters in the movie as well as the observational one.

IBT: What other films from Indian or World cinema had influence in the writing and making of "M Cream?"

Singh: More than any movie, the story of "M Cream" is inspired by real life contemporary culture and trends, especially in the metro cities and urban areas like Delhi, Bengaluru etc.

IBT: Globally "M Cream" has been appreciated for the realistic portrayal of India's new generation. Nearly two years after its initial release, Indians will be among the last to see it. How come?

Singh: We wanted the movie to be screened at various film festivals across the globe first so that we could have found the audiences' reaction to it. The word to mouth publicity always works and that's what we intended before releasing it for the Indian audience, so that they can know about the theme of the movie.

IBT: The stoner culture is very prominent in India now and there have been quite a few movies about it... How is "M Cream" different from them or do you think it rather fits into the cannon of films that depict 21st century youth' tryst with drugs?

Singh: "M Cream" doesn't draw a particular line regarding right and wrong. It is about the perspective, the journey of a bunch of people, and what they face during it. The topic of stoner culture is undoubtedly very prominent in the movie, but it is not all about that. There are several other elements to it too.

IBT: Have you noticed any stereotypes in the films made about India's youth? What kind of stereotypes do you think are overdone?

Singh: One stereotype that Bollywood movies often stretch upon is that they desperately try to draw a border between right and wrong. Not all good stories need to be inspiring and conveying some sort of moral values. Sometimes, audiences like a movie that compels them to think on a particular direction.

IBT: The nature elements like mountains and valleys are very prominent in the trailer...What is the significance of focusing on nature? Are you trying to depict an Indian experience by capturing the Himalayas?

Singh: In recent years, a lot of Himalayan valleys have been exploited and over-visited due to the stoner culture on rise, and hence, some of them have become quite uninhabitable. Of course, since the trend of visiting these valleys and getting high is active these days, we wanted to showcase it through our movie so that people can understand the harmful aspects of it.

IBT: Do you think these elements will enhance the moviegoers experience when watching a movie about getting high?

Singh: That remains to be seen. As "M Cream" doesn't promote or demote any ethics or values, it depends on the audience that how they perceive the whole story.

IBT: Is there any particular reason a fictional drug was used in the movie rather than a real one?

Singh: Though the drug's name is fiction, the name is based on a real drug that is found only in some of the discreet valleys of Himalaya. We didn't want to use the name of any real drug to keep it fictional yet realistic.

IBT: Did you have any issues with the censor board of India with the release of your movie?

Singh: "M Cream" has a very radical theme to it. We had got an earlier version of the movie certified by CBFC and only after that we came up with the longer version that will be in theatres on July 22.

IBT: Can you tell me about the different characters portrayed in the movie?

Singh: All the characters in the movie have their own distinctive personalities and the beauty of the story lies with the contrast they have with each other.

Figs (Imaad Shah) is the typical cynic guy who roams around aimlessly in the campuses of Delhi University. He is a rebellious writer who loves to smoke hash in his leisure.

Maggie (Auritra Ghosh), Figgs' best friend, is a regular Delhi girl who lives to party hard and live the life to its fullest.

Maggie's boyfriend, Niz (Raaghav Chanana), is a wannabe poet who is very romantic by nature and usually spends time "chilling."

Unexpectedly joining the trio is Jay (Ira Dubey), Niz's friend who is a student activist and idealist.

The movie tells the story of their reckless journey and how it resulted into a series of unexpected encounters.

IBT: What kind of stories you are trying to tell through these characters?

Singh: All the characters have their own stories. The movie showcases how it clashes with each other's personal life and the aftermath of it. Though the movie doesn't belong to any particular genre, audiences are surely going to love this unique effort of ours.