Luke Youngblood aka Sid of "Galavant"
Luke Youngblood aka Sid of "Galavant"Facebook/Galavant

ABC announced the renewal of many of its shows earlier this week, but the fate of "Galavant" still remains a mystery. The fans are still hoping that the period musical comedy will get a Season 3, considering there are lot more lands to be discovered and adventures to be experienced.

While fans wait for a positive announcement from ABC regarding "Galavant" Season 3, International Business Times, India got a chance to speak with Luke Youngblood aka Sid the Squire:

International Business Times, India: You have been part of many monumental projects, from Harry Potter to Community. What sets Galavant apart from them?

Luke Youngblood: I have been so lucky to have experienced all of those projects as I feel that they laid the groundwork for "Galavant." The show truly encompasses everything that I have done to date. The comedy, magical and musical aspects are all rolled into one. It's a dream job.

IBT:  Sid is one of the most lovable characters in the show. How fun is it for you to play him?

Youngblood: Sid is great. I love that he offers that comedic relief even in the toughest of times. The thing that makes him so wonderful to play is getting to work with my cast-mates and the ridiculous exchanges that we make. All of our characters are so different from each other and that is what makes it so enjoyable. We each have our own voice and are on our own journeys. Sid has also had a really good arc this season, which was a lot of fun. Especially his "Today We Rise" moment.

IBT: Sid and Garreth had a good run in Season 2. They had even become friends and you guys had a great chemistry on-screen. Do you share a similar rapport with Vinnie Jones off-screen?

Youngblood: Surprisingly, we do. Although Vinnie plays the tough guy on screen, he has a heart of gold. After filming, he'd drive us both back down to London, which was something that I'd look forward to after a long week on the sets. I think that our characters' friendship was something that bled over into reality after working together for so long. He is the joker on set, so it's hard not to love the guy.

IBT: Who do you have most fun working with and who would be your work bff?

Youngblood: This time around I had the most fun working with Vinnie for sure. Between takes, you never know what is going to come out of his mouth, but you can be sure that it's going to be something funny. My work bff would be Karen (David) though, for sure. We really bonded during the season one when we were on our "Hero's Journey," so it was a shame that I didn't get to work with her much this time around. Hopefully, we'll get to play together again if we get picked up for a third season.

IBT: Who is the best swordsman/swordswoman among the cast?

Youngblood: Hands down, Karen. No question. She will slay a foe in the blink of an eye. It's quite amazing, but also very scary.

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IBT: The first season finale had ended with this doubt that Galavant might not get renewed, but had this huge cliffhanger. Contrastingly, this season seemed more confident, but did not take a huge risk in terms of cliffhanger. Shall we assume we will see Season 3?

Youngblood: We really don't know at this stage. These things are kept under wraps until the last minute, so we all find out at the same time. You'd think that we'd have an inside heads-up, but we don't, annoyingly. This time around I think that they wanted to wrap up some of the story-lines (with a nice Disney bow) as a lot of the fans were mad about the cliffhanger of season one. I loved it though.

IBT: You had shared a photo with the cast of "Grandfathered" at what looked like Jimmy's restaurant. Will we be seeing you in the show soon?

Youngblood: I wish. Maybe we can make that happen somehow... I was visiting the sets that day as one of our directors (Chris Koch), who also directs "Grandfathered," had invited me down to the sets. It was nice to catch up with him and John (Stamos) as well as the rest of the gang. They are a bunch of such nice people. It's quite sickening actually. I also got to meet Regina Hall. I was most definitely starstruck, to say the least.

IBT: What are some the future projects that fans can look forward to see you in?

Youngblood: I just shot my first video game, which I'm really excited about. I cannot reveal what it is at the moment, but I will announce it closer to the game's release later this year on Instagram (@luke_youngblood) when I'm allowed to. It was such a different experience from what I'm used to, but I hope to be doing a lot more in the future as it was so much fun. I get why Andy Serkis loves motion-capture so much.

IBT: What is a current TV show that you want to be a part of?

Youngblood: I would die to be on either "Empire" or "House of Cards." I really love watching those shows and I like how dramatic they both are in completely different ways.

IBT: Do you have any message fans of "Galavant?"

Youngblood: Thank you so much for coming along on this crazy ride with us. We owe so much of the show's success to you, and you guys are truly the reason that we got to come back and play a second time around. Hopefully we get to continue bringing you more magical madness in the future as you make it that much more special for us doing what we do.