Krishna Kaul

TV actor Krishna Kaul, more popularly known as Ranbir Kohli from the daily soap Kumkum Bhagya, has a loyal base for himself just a few years into the showbiz. The 22-year-old who belongs to a Kashmiri Hindu family, says for someone who comes from a non-filmy background, it was like 'chasing a cloud.'

In a freewheeling chat with International Business Times, India Krishna said it was watching Shah Rukh Khan's Om Shanti Om, the actor had an epiphany about his career and discovering his passion.

He said, "I was a 14-year-old kid when I saw the film and I realised this is exactly what I want to be doing." A few school plays, Nukhad Nataks later, the young actor landed in Mumbai to start his chase. After doing a number of Television commercials and giving auditions, he starred in Alt Balaji's Puncch Beat. But it was not all bed of roses, as he shared bizarre reasons for being rejected several times.

"I have been rejected a lot and one of the shocking reason was that I was 'way too fair'. Since childhood, I thought being fair was a USP. Another time, I was told that I 'looked too young'. Someone else had told me that the audio and the visual didn't match. They thought I was faking a heavy voice since I looked like a baby but sounded like a man," he shared.

Krishna Kaul

Krishna to be seen in upcoming music video titled 'Teri Patli Kamar,'

Krishna will now be seen in an upcoming music video titled 'Teri Patli Kamar,' also featuring Donal
Bisht. The peppy dance track is being loved for its music but its title has been rather unsettling.
However, Krishna clarified, "The song has been made for a different audience, with the hope that it does hit the way it is intended to.

Lyrics don't have to do anything with changing ideologies or hurting someone. It's a song, and not a statement and not for others to follow. I don't think people dancing in a club are taking it that sense and taking it to heart. I would dance with as much enthusiasm to a song such as Cheekni Chameli or Sheila Ki Jawaani," he said adding the audience base will entirely change if the lyrics are tweaked.

The Yash Wadali song has been produced by Suresh Bhanushali and Photo Fit Music.

Krishna Kaul

The actor is also eyeing Bollywood in future and wants to fulfil his dream of doing slow-motion sequences soon! "Bollywood has up its game a lot lately by getting unconventional with its cast and content. There used to be a perspective of a hero being tall, fair and 6-pack. But now, we talented actors changing the convention of Bollywood by giving out good content. The perspective is changing," said a sanguine Krishna.