Guru Randhawa and Pitbull
Guru Randhawa and PitbullInstagram

Guru Randhawa has, for the first time, collaborated with international rapper Pitbull for his latest single - Slowly Slowly. While the song is set to be released on T-Series on April 19, the talented Punjabi singer spoke to International Business Times, India about the track, experience of working with Pitbull, and a lot more.

Guru, who has given hit songs like Lahore, Suit Suit, Patola, High Rated Gabru among others, spoke about how the collaboration with Pitbull happened. He also expressed his views on the current trend of classic Hindi songs being remade.

Here are excerpts from the interview:

IBT: This is the first time you have collaborated with an international star – Pitbull. So who initiated this idea? Was it from your side or from Pitbull himself?

Guru: When an artist is doing well in his career, even the international stars somehow get to know about it. We already had the song ready when we were having talks with Pitbull to make a song video. When I sent him the track, he instantly liked it, and said 'let's do it'. He then made some changes in the music so that it appeals to the entire world. Pitbull gave us his time while planning the video also. It was shot in Miami.

IBT: How was the experience of working with him?

Guru: It was very nice. He loves India, and he knows a lot about this country. He has been to India multiple times, he has worked with Priyanka Chopra also earlier. He has a bonding with India, and that is why I think this collaboration happened.

Guru Randhawa and Pitbull
Guru Randhawa and PitbullInstagram

IBT: Could Pitbull connect well with Punjabi music?

Guru: This is more like Hindi music actually. I am sure he follows Bollywood tracks, and he knows how big the music industry here is.

IBT: Your song Lahore was highly successful. What are your expectations from Slowly Slowly? Do you feel it will be an even bigger hit?

Guru: Not just Lahore, all other songs including Suit Suit, Patola, High Rated Gabru, etc. were big hits. For me, all my songs are hit because those gave me my bread and butter. I have no expectations as such from Slowly Slowly. I just made it with all my heart like my previous songs. I am really not thinking like – ' this song will give me this or that'. I just hope people like it and give me the love that they have been giving.

Guru Randhawa and Pitbull in Slowly Slowly
Guru Randhawa and Pitbull in Slowly SlowlyInstagram

IBT: Lately, a lot of classic Hindi songs are being recreated in movies. Most of the times, the remixes fail to impress people. It is also being said that Bollywood is losing its sense of originality. What is your take on this?

Guru: I personally don't like making remakes. But if an artiste is able to feed his stomach by making good remakes, it's God's grace. However, I personally feel we should make more original songs. A new song made today will become old after 10 years, but it will still be somewhat fresh as compared to a 20-year-old track. So, we should try to make more new songs even if it does not become a hit. Because the remixed songs that are becoming hit are getting the attention due to the already hit factors associated with it. It hardly reflects any potential of the artiste who remade it. However, if it's done well, everything is beautiful.

IBT: What does Guru Randhawa enjoy more – making singles or playback singing for movies?

Guru: I love making my own songs. I prefer singles more.