Tanuj Virwani

Versatile actor Tanuj Virwani who was last seen in Inside Edge and Code M has come up with two short films amid the lockdown, titled 'Urban Incarceration', 'Anisht'. Tanuj has directed both these short films. The film also stars the actor and is shot by him on his mobile phone.

Tanuj is currently in Lonavala at his farmhouse with his family, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. We decided to give his fans a sneak peek into the actor's life and played a quick game with Tanuj in our very first rapid-fire section 'The Firsts'.

In an exclusive conversation International Business Times, actor Tanuj Virwani spoke about his recently released short film shot by him. He also sportingly answered all the questions for our rapid-fire section 'The Firsts'

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First's with Tanuj Virwani

tanuj virwani

 First job

My first job was as an intern that I was working as an Intern for an advertising agency.

First Paycheque

The same job is where I got my first paycheck, but there is a funny story attached to it. I use to eat a lot of chocolates and pastries from the pantry, and I thought it was on the house and thought the company would pay the bill, but the day my internship got over they presented me with a bill which was higher than the amount I earned during my course (laughs). In the end, technically, I paid them for my first job.

 First Trip

Was to Hongkong with my parents when I was eight years old.

First crush

One of the girls from my school and I was crazy about so was the rest of the group of my boyfriends. She was also a very dear friend of mine.

First Love

Probably, my first girlfriend when I was in the 9th standard, 15 years old. She was my first girlfriend, so she is my first love.

First Gift

I think it was something from a very dear friend of mine and he is still a perfect friend of mine, and he had gifted me a leather wallet.

First car

A grey colour Maruti Suzuki 800. It became khatara that we use to enter from the back of the car because the doors were not functioning.

First house

I live with my parents so my first house would be the place where I was born in Bombay at Breach Candy.

Five apps that he uses daily

I use a lot of Instagram, Whatsapp, Zoom calls, house party. I love shoes, so there is an app called 'StockX' this app is for the stock market but shoes.

An App you don't use on your phone but is still there

I am not very heavy into all these apps, but I am glad that TikTok got banned and if could delete I would have removed that.

Meanwhile, concluding about his recently directed suspense horror short film 'Anisht'.

tanuj viwani

Tanuj said,

The idea came from two different sets of ideas. One was a crime saga of this mob hit which went terribly wrong and the other was a haunted house kind of a setup where the house has a personality of its own and in some way, it''s a reflection of the person who enters it. It''s like good becomes great and bad becomes worse. So when I was brainstorming on the idea, it started to dawn upon me that it would be interesting if I could come up with a hybrid concept which is neither the mafia drama-thriller nor a haunted house movie. Also, one has to bear in mind that because of Covid-19 situation there are a lot of restrictions as we cannot go and shoot wherever we want to, so it was important for me to utilise the locations that I had to the best of my ability.

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