Shubhangi Atre has been in the limelight ever since she replaced Shilpa Shinde as Angoori Bhabhi in popular comedy serial Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain! However, the actress has brought her own flavour to the popular character adding those small nuances in her portrayal.

Shubhangi Atre
Shubhangi AtreShubhangi Atre/Instagram

International Business Times, India got in touch with Shubhangi for a conversation wherein she spoke about getting compared with Shilpa Shinde, playing traditional characters on the small screen, lockdown days and more.

Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor's untimely demise has been tragic. Would you like to say something about them.

They were such a talent house. I really loved watching them in movies. It's a great loss to Bollywood or rather the entire entertainment industry.

Irrfanji was so natural on-screen and always surprised everyone with his acting skills. As an actor, there are a lot of things that I would like to imbibe from him like the way he played his every character convincingly onscreen and impeccable dialogue delivery and much more.

Rishiji was one of those few actors who brought a change in the industry right from his old movies to the latest ones. He introduced too many genres into Bollywood.

There had been constant comparisons between you and Shilpa Shinde ever since you replaced her in Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hain.

Shilpa Shinde, Shubhangi Atre
Shilpa Shinde, Shubhangi AtreInstagram

I believe we both are good actors and have given their best to play Angoori Bhabhi convincingly. There is no comparisons between us as such, as individuals, we both are two people with different ideologies.

Do you fear of getting typecast playing Angoori Bhabhi on small screen?

Not really. I believe if you want to be a leading face on television, you will have to present yourself as an Indian woman. So nothing like that. Till now, in my every show, I have played completely different characters and I hope it continues.

We have mostly seen you in traditional avatars in TV serials. Did you ever think of breaking your traditional image on screen.

TV is all about being traditional as viewers don't welcome too much hip-hop avatar. They love to see a simple girl who is well cultured and traditional. Yes I want to play other role as well but surely on OTT platforms. I have many offers in my kitty. You just have to wait for the right time.

Tell us how have you been spending your time during lockdown.

Shubhangi Atre
Shubhangi Atre with husband and daughterInstagram

Lockdown is completely a family time. Enjoying with my husband and daughter is fun. I am cooking some new dishes and experimenting with new things. We play games, doing more TikTok to entertain my fans and also interacting with them by going live on social media. I have also started teaching Kathak. And yes yoga and meditation is a must.

Would you be nervous or excited to be back on the sets once normalcy returns.

Not nervous really. We love our work and all of us as of now are craving our normal lives.

Lastly, tell us how would you distinguish between your on-screen personality to your off-screen one.

Lol, I'm not that easy and silly like Angoori Bhabhi.