While the coronavirus crisis might have spread gloom and misery all over the globe and for some even toppled their world, there are a lucky few for whom the sun has continued to shine brightly even in dark times like this.

Hrithik Roshan, who's relationship with Kangana Ranaut never saw the daylight, has taken a new turn now. Bollywood heartthrob, 'the Greek God' Hrithik Roshan and 'Queen' of the box office, Kangna Ranaut, who until now were involved in an ugly bout of allegations and who-dun-it, have mended their relationships and agreed to give their otherwise hush-hush love-story another chance by opening up about it to the world.

Hrithi kangana

Not only these two have agreed to resolve their relationships, but also have decided to take a step further by formally tying a knot of holy matrimony. In the post shared by Hrithik Roshan last night, he has shared his feelings about Kangana and accepted that sometimes things might seem complicated from the outside but have its own beauty from the inside.

He took his Instagram to handle to talk about his relationship and wrote, "Kangna and I had a liking for each other since the beginning. It was unfortunate that things took the turn, they took and we both suffered emotionally because of it. Maybe it was for us to be tested before finally being together, I'm happy that I can be with her."

Hrithi kangana

Hrithik revealed how his ex wife Susanne has been all supportive about his relationship with Kangana and helped him in coming out to the world.

Hrithik wrote, "I can't thank Sussane enough for being so understanding. She not only supported me and Kangana in understanding the situation but is also helping us out when we are about to take this relationship to the next level." Sussane and Kangana have not shared great bond in the past but with Hrithik's post, it can be drawn that they are a perfect example of a modern family. Since Kangana loves to be in the mountains and valleys, we're hoping for a mountain wedding in Manali.

Rangoli Chandel calls Hrithik 'Buddhu' as she congratulates

Hrithi kangana

Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel who has been spotted lashing out on Koi Mil Gaya fame has finally posted something positive about the star in her witty and bold style. She wrote, "Laut Ke Buddhu Ghar Ko Ayein Duggu Ji. Hahaha. Can't be happier. Kangana deserves all the happiness." Since Kangana is not officially on any social media platform, fans are eager to see what she has to say about this but Rangoli's tweet has made it clear that the wedding is definitely on the cards.

[Disclaimer: It's an April Fool story and every bit of information mentioned here is false. Happy April Fools' Day!!]