The dancer-cum-rapper Dilin Nair, popularly known as Raftaar, started at the bottom and is now one of the most sought-after artistes in Bollywood.

It's his work ethic that makes him a role model for many ion the industry. This artiste has shared the screen with actors from Sunny Leone and Akshay Kumar, to Amy Jackson.

The rapper celebrated his 28th birthday on November 16, 2016 and if reports are to be believed he may even be getting ready to tie the knot with Komal Vohra, whom he has been dating for the last five years! In fact, wedding bells WILL be ringing on December 1 in New Delhi.

Raftaar rapped in Haryanvi for the Aamir Khan-starrer Dangal. The track, Dhakkad, received 6.3 million views in just 24 hours!

He gave International Business Times an exclusive interview and let us in on his birthday celebrations, his upcoming tracks and even revealed the name the actor with whom he loves to share the screen. Here are the exerpts...  

IBT: Tell us how you celebrated your birthday?

Raftaar: With my family and friends. I had a few people visit me with sketches, collages and lots of cakes. I surprised them by inviting them to the party. You should have seen the look on their faces. With the amount of love I get from people, trust me, it feels like every day is my birthday.

IBT: What was the best gift you received?

Raftaar: I was born with skills of multiple artists. Jack of a few trades and master of some. My life is my best gift ever.

IBT: How has your love life been?

Raftaar: Joy and tears. Felt every emotion a man can. You can't be a true artist if you haven't been in love.

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IBTimes: Tell us about your upcoming tracks.

Raftaar: I just signed a three-album deal with Zee Music. So a lot of fire is headed your way. Bollywood, Independent and Underground. I am always going to do it all.

IBT: Will you be releasing any songs for your underground hip-hop fans anytime soon?

Raftaar: I am doing a mainstream collaboration with a bad-ass underground artist. Why go to the hood when I can get them to the city. I believe in making changes and not being one of the crowd.

IBT: How was the music video shoot experience with Sunny Leone for the track 'Mar Gaye' from the film Beiimaan Love?

Raftaar: Great! She is an OG (original gangsta). She knows how to treat her co-artists. Sharing the screen with someone senior from the industry is never a bad feeling. The industry is a ladder and working with her is like being one step closer to the top. A major step.

IBT: Who is your the favourite celeb you have shot with so far? Why?

Raftaar: Hands down Akshay Kumar. It's the energy he transfers, he only praises saying Manj. He and I got the best chemistry on screen. For me he is a brother and a father figure, not just a celebrity.

Check out Raftaar's latest track 'Dhaakad' from the Aamir Khan starring flick 'Dangal':