George Reddy
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It goes unsaid that a biopic always has a story to narrate but the biopic on George Reddy, a student of Osmania University of, who was murdered by his opponents in 1972, just at the age of 25 has set itself on a whole new level.  The film is produced by Appi Reddy in association with Damu Reddy and Sudhakar Yakkanti under the banner of Mic Movies, Silly Monks Studios and Three Line CInemas. Why do you have to know his story is something that Jeevan Reddy, the director of the film has revealed during an exclusive interview. 

Since the release of Dalam to now, you have taken a long break. What led to it?

Dalam's collections saw losses. It took me some time to get over it. A lot has been spent on the film and I wasn't completely sure about the budget. I realised that ups and downs are common in this profession and considered them to be the steps for success. Post its release, I started working on George Reddy because I have been wanting to make a film on it.

Jeevan Reddy
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Can you tell us in detail on how this project actually began?

I have always been fascinated with the story of George Reddy. I think I am in love with him. I have heard about him in bits and pieces, and every time I heard, it made me want to know more about him. So I decided to make a film on him and began working on it, in knowing the facts and hidden truths about him. We worked for more than two years on this and that's how this film went on floors, finally.

Why do you think people have to know about George Reddy and his story?

He is that one leader whose life has a lot to tell. It is not just about what books or Wikipedia say. There is a lot more about him that has never seen light. During the research process, I have learnt some facts and hidden truths about him. These things have interested the whole team and not just me. So that's when we all (crew) have come together to make a film on him, and we are sure that even the audiences would like it.

George Reddy
From right to left- Jeevan Reddy with Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti (center) and Damu Reddy from the sets of George ReddyProduction House

The trailer looks spine chilling and Sandeep as George seems to be a perfect choice. Whose choice is he?

Other than Sandeep, I cannot imagine seeing anyone else as George Reddy. Sandeep has been my roommate for a long time and a good friend too. I have seen many of George Reddy's qualities in Sandeep. Both of them are champions in boxing. If you have observed keenly, there's a fireball shot in the trailer. Sandeep, without any preventive measures, has performed that stunt. His back got burnt in some small areas, but still, he did not feel low or give up. People will get to witness a terrific actor in him. Also, youngsters have a lot to learn from the lives of both.

What is the kind of response you have received post the release of the trailer?

It is an amazing response that I haven't expected. After the trailer was out, I switched off my phone and slept. The next day, I woke up to many numbers of calls and messages which were all praises for the trailer. The first person to call was director Bobby who kept talking for minutes about. Initially, I couldn't believe that the director really called to talk to me. That was just the beginning. I am confident that the film will be received well now.