Sundeep Kishan
PR Handout

Actor Sundeep Kishan, who is currently busy shooting for his upcoming Telugu film Tenali Ramakrishna BA.BL was seen in The Family Man, a web series which is streaming on Amazon Prime. Sundeep played the role of Major Vikram and his fans, as well as the Telugu audience, are super happy to see him nailing the role of an Army official. In this exclusive interview with International Business Times, he shared his experiences of being part of the series, working with Manoj Bajpayee and his upcoming films.

Watching you playing Major Vikram was a surprise and it looks like the role has been written for you only. So how did you bag the role?

Raj and DK, the makers of the show, are like my family. Whenever they are working on something, they will always have a role for me. So when they were working for The Family Man, they characterised the role of Major Vikram keeping me in mind. And talking about the surprise, yes, the role was a surprise given to me too. When they asked me to do it, I was ready as usual.

How was working with a versatile actor like Manoj Bajpayee?

Manoj Bajpayee is a down to earth and very sweet person. Got to learn a lot from him. He never behaved like he is a senior or he is popular. He mingled with all of us really well and we had fun on the sets. We became really close friends on the sets. More than anything else, watching him act and perform the scene like a pro was amazing because we have always heard about him and watching him do that was thrilling.

Sundeep Kishan

What is it that you find the best in this series?

I think the whole series itself is the best thing that has been made in recent times. If the same thing was made into a film, there would have been a lot of limitations. But thankfully, it is a web series. One thing that I want to mention in particular is that no scene in this series has been shot without a purpose. Also, there is no extra scene which has been shot and wasted. This series has been made with the utmost care and clarity. Humour is amazing.

Is there any role from this same series that you showed interested in playing?

Not in the beginning, but now. I liked playing Major Vikram and this is the first time I played the role of an Army official, and also wearing the uniform too. But yeah, I was really impressed with the role of Moosa, which is played by Neeraj Madhav. He performed great. After watching the series, I was like, 'May be I should have done something like this'. I feel great to be part of this project.