Eesha Rebba

Rumours have been doing rounds that Telugu girl Eesha Rebba is going to enter Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 as a wild card entrant. But it looks like even Eesha is shocked over these rumours.

We approached Eesha Rebba to know whether the news is true and she said she has not been approached by anyone from Star Management. When asked to clarify, she said: "I have no idea who began this rumour. Even I have read many reports and many of my friends have been messaging to know whether I am going to enter the show. But no, I am not entering show as a wild card entrant. I laugh when I read such kind of news."

Bigg Boss shows in all languages have a celebrity wild card entrant. In the first season of Bigg Boss Telugu, Navdeep was the wild card entrant and in the second season, Pooja Ramachandran sneaked into the house slowly during midnight.

Though the third season saw Tamanna Simhadri as a wild card entrant, she was evicted for being too controversial in the house. She was in the house just for two weeks. So there might or might not be another wild card entrant.

Eesha Rebba

Asked whether anyone from Star Maa has approached her to take part in the show, Eesha said, "No. Not at all. Nobody has approached. Even if they approach, I would like to accept the offer it is to play the host, but not as a participant."

So with the clarification Eesha has given, it is understood that she will not be entering the show. Meanwhile, let us see keep an eye on what the present contestants in the house are up to.