Exclusive: Beam Messenger, App With A Cool Concept Of Real Time Messaging, Goes Live In India
Beam Lets You Read What Other Person Is Typing In Real Time; App Launches In IndiaGoogle Play Store /Beam

Concerned about privacy of your messages? Switch to "Beam".

This real-time messaging concept is a unique idea to draw those who prefer ephemeral messaging in apps like Snapchat.

Messages in Beam appears as it is being typed by the person on the other end. This means, it shows your contact's message character by character, so you do not have to sit and wait for the person to finish typing a long message and then send it. It is a simultaneous process.

Beam has a simple, user-friendly interface. The app was initially launched in select markets but has been expanding ever since. Responding to the growing demand and interest from Indian users, Beam Propulsion Lab decided to go live in India, Alec Gordon - CEO of Beam Messenger - wrote in an email to International Business Times, India.

"Over the span of the last 2 months, since our global viral coverage, we got the most positive attention out of India, so that has been our goal to open up there asap," the email read.

After using the app for almost a day, the overall experience with Beam can be termed as "incredible". It makes messaging very simple and conveys the message without leaving any traces. If you want your friend to read a private message and delete it, you can type the message in the chat window and erase it. But for that, your friend must also be online.

Thanks to a new update, Beam Messenger now shows if the other person is online. You can message normally like you would with other messaging apps. Beam also has emoticons and allows users to personalize the app with own wallpaper.

Above all, Beam offers extreme security to your messages. "No single message is ever delivered, letters simply arrive on your phone in an organized fashion," reads the app's description.

Beam Messenger had a late arrival in the mobile messaging industry, but its unique concept of showing other person's messages as it is being typed can take the app to great success.

Beam has some tough competitors like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line and others. But, the company is already comparing its achievements with rivals.

"We have calculated that we are leading all other texting apps in engagement. Users have more sessions, and longer sessions, per each. And this equates to roughly 300 minutes/week inside Beam; WhatsApp and KakaoTalk (Korean) are both at about 200 minutes/week, while all others are under 100 minutes/week," Gordon revealed in his email.

The app is still gaining attention from users. Beam is only available on Android platform and is looking to add iOS support soon. The exact number of active users of Beam is not available, but the app installs range from 10K to 50K on Play Store.