Abi Hassan

Abi Hassan, the youngest son of senior actor Nassar, will make his acting debut with Kadaram Kondan, which is to be released on July 19. Abi is super happy with the output of the film and is looking forward to hearing from the audience. In an exclusive interview with International Business Times, India, the handsome hunk talks about the film, his role, bonding with father, career plans and a lot more.

Right in the first film, you chose to play a married man and soon-to-be father. Weren't there any other options?

I know. Many have asked me this. See, I did not want to start with routine things. Wasn't interested in playing a lover boy in a commercial film. So this role interested me and I thought why not? This is my first film and of course, playing a married guy. For Akshara too, playing a pregnant lady was not so easy. So we both went for workshops to improve our skills for these particular roles and I am sure we have done it really well.

Undoubtedly, your father is one of the best actors in the country. What is it that you have learnt from him?

I always loved his discipline and punctuality. He taught us the same too. When I was in college, he was the head of my department and I feel lucky to have been his student. He taught us the nuances of acting and that has helped me a lot in performing for my role in Kadaram Kondan. He is also someone who is capable of doing any kind of role. Versatile, I should say, and that's what even I want to be. Before I was heading to the shoot on the first day, he asked, 'Do you remember all that I have taught you?' and I said 'yes'.

Has he watched the first copy of the film?

No, not yet. He is busy shooting for a Telugu film. So he couldn't manage to come and watch the film. But I am sure he will definitely make it on the release day. I am excited to see and listen to what he would say and that's all I am looking forward to. Just want to make him proud.

Abi Hassan
Abi Hassan with Chiyaan Vikram on the sets of Kadaram KondanTwitter

Why haven't you added your father's name to your name? I mean many star kids like to do it, right?

I am not the one who likes doing that. I am proud to be one of the sons of a versatile actor called Nassar. But I don't think I should be taking advantage of his name. I want to make it big myself and make my father proud. Many people don't know that I am his son and that is an advantage for me. Whenever I used to watch his films in the theatres, at the end of the film, I listen to many of the audience who say 'Nassar has done really well'. That's enough for me. I want him to experience the same feeling if possible. He is someone whom I look up to throughout my entire life.