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Marvel is building up the excitement ahead of Spider-Man: Homecoming release by serving up an animated series scheduled to air on Disney XD.

Here are 7 avenues to explore in the animated short:

Why is Origin important?

Well, as the name suggests and the trailer hints, the animated series will tell the story of Peter Parker and his metamorphosis into Spider-Man in 6 episodes. The 'origin' series is imperative for two basic reasons- firstly, Spider-Man: Homecoming won't feature the story of his origin and secondly, Marvel is trying to build up excitement for the film. The studio did the same lately with Ant-Man and the Wasp by releasing a series of shorts on Twitter.

How it all began

Since the Spider-Man's origin story is well-known, it basically looks like the retelling of the same story again but it definitely gives Marvel's Spider-Man a more definite look.

Geek Peter Parker is visibly excited about a visit to Oscorp with his classmates. As he goes around taking photos inside the building, a strange-looking spider bites him, and his life is changed forever.


The trailer showcases a number of known characters like Peter's best friend Harry Osborn, Oscorp's heir who has been apparently transferred to another school, the son of Peter's ornery professor, Alistair Smythe and others.

Marvel's Spider-Man animated series
Marvel's Spider-Man animated series first lookDisney XD

Animated series will mirror Homecoming

Liz Allen's prominence in the trailer suggests she will be the primary love interest of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

References to other Marvel characters

Marvel thrive on dropping references audience could instantly relate to. The trailer is no different as is evident when Peter asks whether the containment breach could be caused by a gamma radiation leak or Asgardian interference.

Marvel's Spider-Man animated series
Marvel's Spider-Man animated seriesYouTube Screenshot

Next Short

The trailer of the animated series ends with a message indicating the next short will be titled Operation: Observation.

Release Order

The episodes of the upcoming series will be aired between July 24 and July 29, according to Gizmodo. Spider-Man: Homecoming is slated for release on July 7, 2017.