Ex-Bigg Boss 6 contestant Sana Khan broke her silence on her breakup with famous YouTube choreographer Melvin Louis earlier today in an Instagram post explaining her stand. The couple who went public with their relationship in 2019, parted ways after numerous speculations, some deleted Instagram photos due to technical glitches, finally laying to rest all suspicions.

Sana Khan talks about her relationship

In her brave Instagram post, she spoke about the courage it took to address the matter. The actress then apologised for disappointing those who had supported her relationship with Louis.She wrote, "There were so many people who believed in this relation and showed so much love and respect but unfortunately I didn't get it from where I should have gotten."

Sana Khan and Melvin Louis
Sana Khan speaks about her break-up with Melvin Louis@sanakhaan21 on Instagram and @melvinlouis

Sana Khan went on to call Melvin a, "compulsive cheater and a compulsive liar," asserting that the choreographer cheated on her multiple times with multiple girls since May 2019.

One of the girls he cheated on Khan with happened to be someone she knew, the ex-Bigg Boss contestant claims. She ended the post by saying that if he wanted to marry her and have a family, what would he have taught her son or daughter?

"I wanted to marry him. I don't think I can trust any man now," Sana Khan on her relationship with Melvin Louis

The Instagram post was accompanied by a photo of her candid interview with a leading national daily. In the interview she spoke about her relationship which had begun as most relationships do with love, followed by some fights over petty issues.

Eight months later signs of trouble began to show, the actress said. According to her, she learnt about his cheating on her through others and she had tried to confirm this by looking at his mobile phone.

However, he had "snatched" it back from her to delete certain messages. She says that she learnt that he had moved on with somebody else whom she knew, a name was not revealed.

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She further added that when she was suffering from Bell's Palsy, Melvin didn't show any concern about it even when she would hide her face and that he was never by her side.

While she is happy to be out of the "toxic relationship" she had this to say in her interview with TOI, "I may have walked out of the relationship physically, but mentally and emotionally, I am still in it. I wanted to marry him. I don't think I can trust any man now."

She spoke about the relationship leaving her with anxiety issues and depression, and the impact that this relationship left her with.

While we've heard Sana Khan's side of this tragic relationship which the public followed on Instagram, we're yet to hear the other side from Melvin Louis. We can only hope, all's well that ends well.