Demi Lovato
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Jimmy Fallon, we love seeing you in a dress! Yes, The Tonight Show host dressed up again and Demi Lovato joined him to shoot a typical teenage sketch titled Ew. As part of the special segment, Sara (Fallon) and her friend Emily (Demi Lovato) do emoji selfies and practice kissing on "crush cushions".

During the special segment, Emily and Sara decide to practice their kissing skills on the crush pillows. As the skit progresses, Fallon places two cushions – Lovato gets Ed Sheeran's face and whereas Fallon gets Mario Lopez.

The Cool for the Summer singer kisses the singer's picture so passionately that we are left jealous despite knowing it is just a picture on a pillow. Damn you Lovato!

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Lovato wasn't actually scheduled to make an appearance on the show. So it was quite a treat to watch the two transform into teenage girls and take viewers on an embarrassing nostalgia ride.

In the segment starring Lovato, the two "girls" were excited to be going to a big dance. They were going to a spring fling as each other's dates because "Boys are gross!"

Apart from the cushion kissing, Emily is seen showing off an awful Emerald green confection with frilled sleeves which reminded everyone watching of the 1980s.

For those not familiar with the segment, Fallon plays adolescent girl Sara, the star of a Teen Nick show which "she" hosts from the basement of her parents house. She invites her friends as special guests.

A list long of celebrities have been a part of the hilarious "Ew!" sketch, including Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Emma Stone.

In 2014, Zac Efron and Seth Rogen, and Channing Tatum too joined the drag clan and played along back.