Evolve's 'Broken Hill Mine' Map
Evolve's 'Broken Hill Mine' Mapevolvegame.com

If you enjoy playing 'Evolve' on your Xbox One and taken a liking to its gameplay mechanics, here's some news that's bound to make you happy. Developer Turtle Rock Studios has announced that 'Evolve' is getting two new free maps on 31st March for Xbox One.

There are two new maps for players to choose from – Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry. Both the maps will be playable in Hunt, Nest, and Rescue modes through Skirmish, a Custom match or an Evacuation campaign.

As decided, the studio will showcase the maps next Friday on its official Twitch channel, but in the meantime, it has already detailed on the kind of stuff players can expect from both the new maps. Note that the maps will arrive on PS4 and PC a month later on 30 April.

Broken Hill Mine

The Broken Hill Mine is a deep warren of caves running below the surface of Shear. The cave system divides into three visually distinct areas: one area is a rock quarry, a venom hound nest is set in another, and the last zone has a massive conveyor belt running through it. These surround a central drill chamber.

There are "hidden, destructible entryways (that) allow the Monster to shortcut through the map – or to fake out the Hunters and lead them down the wrong path."

The mine's tight boundaries reduce running and encourages a lot of stealth and close-quarters firefights. "One cool thing to look for: Look up and you'll see the crane for the Broken Hill Foundry," the official page adds.

Hunter Win: Mining Drones get re-purposed as Shield Drones for the Hunter team in the next match.

Monster Win: Destroying the mining drill makes the environment tectonically unstable. The resulting earthquakes will flush out birds from the surrounding areas, deceiving the Hunters as to where the Monster is really located.

Broken Hill Foundry

Broken Hill Foundry gets you out of Shear and into an industrial complex. It's an overlaying mix of open areas, corridors and low ceilings that create new tactical options for both Monster and Hunter players. In the warehouse alone, there are three levels to stalk prey.

There's another area that "takes you through the streets – and to the rooftops – of Slagtown where a Monster can be lurking around every corner. Crates of bohrium, found throughout the facility, can be eaten as food for the Monster."

Though the crates are easy meals, they don't have a pop top, and breaking them open makes considerable noise, giving away the Monster's location.

Hunter Win: Energy-dense bohrium is used to supercharge the Hunter's jetpacks.

Monster Win: Destroying the foundry engulfs the Monster in bohrium gas, making its melee attacks even more powerful.

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