Have you heard about the Destiny emotes? Well, as of now, Destiny fans can purchase new emotes with real money from Tess Everis in the Tower. After a short maintenance on Tuesday, patch 2.0.1 went live. It saw the beginning of the new age of Destiny microtransactions.

Tess Everis is currently back in her normal spot in the Tower, alongside a new "facelift to reflect her new venture with the Eververse Trading Company." she is now selling 18 different emotes that can be purchased with Silver. Silver can be purchased via both Microsoft's and Sony's console stores.

The new emotes look pretty insane and will certainly attract a number of Destiny fans. For starters, there is the Evil Scheme, which makes you look like a mad scientist. Apart from that, there is also Bring It On based on The Rock's famous "Just Bring It" taunt from professional wrestling.

However, for 100 Silver more, you could go for the Enthusiastic Dance (Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air) or even a humiliating Slow Clap for when someone in your raid party messes up. Check out the full list of emotes and their pricing below.

Destiny – Emotes and Prices Listed

  • Enthusiastic Dance: Can't Stop Dancing! – Price: 500 Silver
  • Slow Clap: Great. Just great. That was really, really great. – Price: 500 Silver
  • Pumped Up: All right! – Price: 200 Silver
  • Swing: And it's outta here! – Price: 200 Silver
  • Safe: Yyeeeeeeeer Safe! – Price: 200 Silver
  • Blowing a Kiss: I could kiss you right now. – Price: 200 Silver
  • Booyah: How you like me now? – Price: 200 Silver
  • Formal Bow: A little courtesy never hurt anyone. – Price: 200 Silver
  • Bring it On: Whatever you got, it ain't enough. – Price: 200 Silver
  • Victory Cheer: That's what I'm talkin' about! – Price: 200 Silver
  • Come At Me: You want a piece of this? – Price: 200 Silver
  • Congrats: Good job, buddy. – Price: 200 Silver
  • Cower: Make it stop! Make it stop! – Price: 200 Silver
  • Evil Scheme: Mwahahaha – Price: 200 Silver
  • Oh, Please: All right already! – Price: 200 Silver
  • Sorrow: Why, cruel world? Why? – Price: 200 Silver
  • Tantrum: No no no NO! – Price: 200 Silver
  • Watch Your Back: It's your neck on the line, pal. – Price: 200 Silver

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Twinfinite]