Bollywood ex-couple Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone seemed to have patched up so well after their nasty breakup in 2009.

On Tuesday, the two were spotted promoting their upcoming flick "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani" (YJHD). While interacting with the media, the actors were asked to recollect a special moment in their relationship.

Although Ranbir declined to make any statement on the same, Deepika was quick to confess that every moment she had shared with him was special.

The actors seemed to have buried the bitter past and are getting along quite well. During a number of such promotional events of "YJHD", they have been showering praises on each other. In one such instance, Deepika even revealed that they became closer after parting ways.

"Post break-up, we have probably come closer than we were during our relationship. People don't understand the level of maturity that both of us have reached. We have immense amount of respect for each other. There has never been any kind of awkwardness," Deepika told The Times Of India (TOI).

Ranbir, who is said to be dating Katrina Kaif post his breakup with Deepika, also praised his "YJHD" co-star.

"Deepika and I have always been friends. It's not that we keep in touch often, but whenever I have to reach out to her or vice versa, there is no sense of awkwardness. We are so caught up with our assignments and the people we work with that our lives centre around them," Ranbir told TOI.

"But Deepika and I will remain friends for a very long time. I will be her children's godfather; I will play with them and all of that. We have that kind of relationship."

Although it is unclear if their statements were genuine or just a promotional strategy, they seem to have ramped up audience expectations surrounding "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani". The film is set to hit theatres on 31 May.